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Testimonials on Petit Menhir wooden educational game

Testimonials on Petit Menhir wooden educational game

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers about the educational wooden game Petit Menhir and would like to share it with our readers. In particular, our customers note the beautiful quality of the wooden stones, which are pleasant to the touch and light enough for children of all ages to hold, the benefits of play for children's education thanks to the precepts of Montessori pedagogy (in particular the development of fine motor skills and improved concentration), and the special moments spent playing with the family with unrestrained laughter.

The beautiful quality of Petit Menhir wooden stones

Sophie P., Petit Menhir customer, testifies: "I am very happy with this educational stacking toy for its playful approach, the pretty colors and the good quality of each piece!"

The Petit Menhir building blocks are made of natural beechwood because it is a quality wood known for its strength while being very light. The lightness of the pieces is indeed very important for a perfect grip from the children and to eliminate any risk of accident for the little ones when the constructions fall apart!

Little Girl playing and laughing with the Montessori Educational Game Petit Menhir

We were particularly touched by Aurore B's positive testimonial: "The parts are of very good quality, the delivery was careful and the customer service was perfect. I highly recommend!" Thanks to Aurore for these kind words!

The many benefits of the Petit Menhir educational game for children

The Petit Menhir wooden educational game offers many benefits for children's education. The testimonies we have received on this subject mention the development of fine motor skills for young children, an improved concentration, as well as the stimulation of creativity and imagination.

Our customers talk about the benefits of the wooden game Petit Menhir:

Valerie B.: "This wooden game is fun and develops imagination and creativity. For my little man it turned into a totem, a castle, a road... Very nice, pleasant to the touch with an appreciable natural and robust side. A game that will definitely last. Very satisfied!"

René L.: "My son loves building games like Petit Menhir, he can play with it for a long time in his nursery (he loves it when it collapses like dominoes). I have noticed an improvement in his concentration since we got it, it's really effective and fun! We love these educational games."

Claire P.: "Very pretty and colorful pieces, it's a game that is suitable for both young and old. For learning dexterity as well as aesthetics!"

The benefits of the building set summarized in a few key points:

  • The Petit Menhir educational wooden game stimulates creativity
  • It helps develop fine motor skills and arouses attention
  • By playing with these wooden blocks, children improve their concentration
  • The construction game is free and appeals to children's imagination

Wooden stacking blocks made of natural beechwood, for education and development

For family fun and laughter

For many Petit Menhir customers, the construction toy is synonymous with convivial and privileged moments spent with the family playing according to several possible rules. The most popular are the speed game, the height game and the creativity game.

The fact that challenges can easily be set (can you build a tower with all the pieces of the game without it collapsing?) is particularly appreciated and causes many spontaneous and sometimes uncontrollable moments of laughter.

We particularly like the following testimonials:

Valérie R.: "The wooden pieces are very high quality, the shapes for a perfect grip, the colors as soft as you like, the material so pleasant to touch, a perfect result for small and big hands and for an imagination at any age! Don't hesitate to buy this material, this game that will give you real moments of relaxation to share with whoever you want or alone! Bravo Petit Menhir!"

Yannick B.: "For the little ones and the not so little ones, for the not so big ones and the bigger ones, what a pleasure to play with the family! Very funny and educational... what could be better than open-ended toys? Super success!"

Stéphane C.: "We had a lot of fun together, young and old, on the living room table with the timer and the double decimeters to measure. And above all to make everything fall at the end. Good times, simple but together. A great idea for educational toys. Thank you Petit Menhir!"

We would like to thank all our customers for their positive testimonials and reviews, which we greatly appreciate as they allow us to constantly improve and continue to provide you with a quality, durable and old-fashioned wooden educational game.

We invite you to share your impressions and testimonials on our website in the "Reviews" section, or on our social networks Facebook and Instagram.

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