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Wooden educational games for a successful family evening

Wooden educational games are a great option for a family night. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the most popular wooden educational games for families, as well as tips for hosting a successful family board game night.

How to keep children busy during the summer holidays?

Summer holidays is fast approaching! If you don't know yet how you are going to keep your children busy during these months without school, this article is for you! We suggest fun and educational activities to practice outdoors or indoors. With no or very little material!

Top 5 Montessori activities

In a previous article, we had already presented you the main principles that govern the Montessori pedagogy. Here, we try to be more concrete by presenting you the top 5 Montessori activities that are popular with both teachers and children! So, which one will be your favorite?

The educational benefits of building sets

Wondering why you should choose a building set for your children? In this article, we explain their many educational and developmental benefits for young ones and older ones. And we tell you why the Petit Menhir building set is perfectly suited for all ages.

Interview with the founder of Petit Menhir

Our founder Chris and his partner Manon are a passionate couple who embarked on the Petit Menhir journey over two years ago. Since its beginning, Petit Menhir has been committed to providing parents with safe and quality educational toys for their children.

5 tips for a successful start to the school year

"Yippee, it's the holidays!" That's how the summer holidays start. Then come the unforgettable moments with the family. Then the days get shorter and it's already time to go back to school... Don't panic, we'll give you 5 tips to prepare for this event with joy and family!

The many advantages of wooden toys

Wooden toys are making a comeback and are taking up more and more space in children's toy boxes. No need to tell you that we at Petit Menhir are convinced! But what are the real advantages of wooden toys over plastic ones? All the answers in our article!

Petit Menhir Workshops with LilouTeach

Petit Menhir has teamed up with the incredible teacher LilouTeach to bring you exclusive, fun and original workshops aimed at training memory, concentration and skill for young children (link in this article)!

Petit Menhir and the Montessori education

We looked into what the Montessori education is all about by exploring its various precepts and identifying the educational materials that are commonly used in this environment. Our research confirmed that the Petit Menhir wooden educational game fits in perfectly!

Graphotherapy & fine motor skills with Petit Menhir

Following the testimony of one of our clients who is active in the field of graphotherapy, we wanted to find out more about this discipline and understand how the educational wooden game Petit Menhir can be of interest to people who have difficulties in writing, especially when it comes to developing fine motor skill.