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Dexterity Workshop with LilouTeach

Try & reproduce the images designed by the incredible LilouTeach with our little menhirs!

Objective: train children's dexterity, concentration and others skills, mixing geometry and 3D representation. The activity is perfect for classrooms but also for home.

The Menhir of the Heart, Mrs. Giraffe, the Coliseum or the Taj Mahal, try & reproduce these famous characters, monuments and figures as accurately as possible!

Who is LilouTeach?

LilouTeach has been a teacher for 7 years and is passionate about her job. Fulfilled, and satisfied to be useful, she accompanies her students to give them the taste and desire to learn, in a playful way of course!

In 2018, Lilou embarked on the challenge of the flexible classroom by integrating multiple manipulative activities and creating many autonomous workshops.

Today, she has even launched her website to share her resources to the teaching and educational community. Her activities around the game Petit Menhir are an example!

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