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Our Story

The Petit Menhir Adventure

It all started 3 years ago, when my partner Candice and I were walking with our little nephew Jean on the shore of Lake Geneva. We stopped on a pebble beach, and it was then that Jean spontaneously collected different pebbles to complete his collection.

Once back home, he started playing with these stones and stacking them for hours. Since he loved playing with these little rocks, we thought painting some of them would be a fun activity. No sooner said than done!

The three of us played with those little colored rocks, building weird towers and making up fun challenges, like height, aesthetics and speed challenges. We really had a blast!

And that's how Petit Menhir was born! And for those who wonder, the name Petit Menhir is a little nod to Candice's Breton origins.

A committed brand

For us, it is essential to offer a safe toy that meets today's ecological needs, and at the same time to offer the best possible quality. That's why our Petit Menhir educational game is made of beech wood from FSC-certified forests only. This means that the wood is controlled from its origin to the manufacturing and distribution process.

And since children's safety is our top priority, our little menhirs are coated with a non-toxic water-based paint, which makes them completely harmless to children.

Created with our community

Starting something new is not easy, there are always ups and downs. Since our beginnings, we have built this project with our community and friends to make sure we meet everyone's needs and desires.

We have been incredibly fortunate to meet great success with parents and their children, but also with education experts. It is all these people who give us the energy and strength to move forward.

Chris, founder of Petit Menhir