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Petit Menhir Workshops with LilouTeach

Educational activities provided by LilouTeach in collaboration with Petit Menhir

Petit Menhir has teamed up with the incredible teacher LilouTeach to offer you exclusive fun and original workshops aimed at training memory, concentration and dexterity for young children. Discover the world of this passionate teacher who has imagined magnificent figures to be reproduced using the wooden stones of the Petit Menhir game, in a playful and educational spirit.

But who is LilouTeach?

LilouTeach is first and foremost a young teacher who is passionate about her job, which she has been doing for 6 years. She is driven by a real appetite to pass on her knowledge and to accompany her pupils in order to give them the taste and desire to learn, and places the notion of play and fun at the heart of her activity.

Educational teacher Lilou

In 2018, Lilou took on the challenge of the flexible classroom by integrating multiple manipulative activities and creating numerous autonomous workshops. The flexible classroom is an educational concept that consists of arranging the classroom in such a way as to allow the pupils to choose the type of space in which they wish to carry out their learning. The idea of freedom for the children is predominant in all aspects, be it in terms of environment, teaching or extra activities.

Today, Lilou has even launched its website to share its resources with the teaching and educational community. These activities around the educational wooden game Petit Menhir are an example. Find all the Petit Menhir Workshops by LilouTeach with nice cards to print directly here!

Petit Menhir workshops, figures to reproduce

The aim of the Petit Menhir Workshops is quite simple: you just have to reproduce the illustrated pictures faithfully using the wooden stones of the Petit Menhir educational game. There are two levels of play depending on the age of the participants.

Playing cards for the wooden educational game Petit Menhir


Younger players will prefer the "flat figures" reproductions, which can be likened to simplified puzzles, while older players can take on tougher challenges by trying to reproduce the "stacked figures" and thus create magnificent colorful towers. It's your turn to play!

These reproducible figures created by Lilou can be used in addition to the rules suggested by the Petit Menhir team, namely

  • the height game: build the highest tower
  • the speed game: build a tower as quickly as possible with all the little menhirs
  • the creativity game: build the most aesthetic tower
Some rules for the wooden educational game Petit Menhir


And since the Petit Menhir wooden game is based on the principle of free play, new rules can constantly be invented, the only limit being the imagination of children and their parents!

The principle of free play with Petit Menhir

The Petit Menhir educational game is based on the principle of free play, i.e. there are no strict pre-established rules. Instead, children are free to make the game their own and invent their own rules. So free play is all about imagination! And free play gives children the opportunity to improve their creative thinking, independence and self-confidence.

To stimulate creative thinking

With free play, the same object can be used in many different ways depending on the child's imagination. This allows the child to develop his or her creativity, and we have already witnessed several examples of this as children imagine the wooden stones of the Petit Menhir game as food when playing grocery games (one color for carrots, another for tomatoes, etc.).

Children playing with the wooden educational game Petit Menhir

To develop autonomy

By playing freely, children invent their own rules and make their own choices. They decide what they wants to do and how they want to do it, without the help or assistance of their parents, and therefore gain independence. They will encounter certain problems (how to fit more than 5 wooden stones without the tower collapsing?) and will implement their own solutions based on the experience they have gained so far.

To build self-confidence

Since there are no pre-established rules, the child decides for himself what he wants and takes the initiatives that seem appropriate. This gives them control at every moment of the game and allows them to build and develop their self-confidence. The challenges he will encounter will also help him build his own character.

LilouTeach & Petit Menhir

Do not hesitate to download the cards available on Lilou's website here, and reproduce with your children the magnificent figures created by Lilou using the wooden pieces of the Petit Menhir game!

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